Pakistan as a developing country is struggling in many fields in which the health system has suffered a lot, resulting in a 122 rank out of 190 countries in a World Health Organization performance report.[1] Pakistan per capita income (PPP current international $, 2013) is 5,041[2] and the total expenditure on health per capita (intl $, 2014) is 129, which is only 2.6% of GDP (2014).[3] The gender inequality in Pakistan is 0.536 and ranks the country 147 out of 188 countries (2004).[4] The total adult literacy rate in Pakistan is 55% (2014) and primary school enrolment is 73%.[5] Life expectancy at birth is 66 years (Male 65, female 67),[6] which is the lowest in comparison to south Asian countries.[7] The proportion of population which has access to improved drinking water and sanitation is 91% (2015) and 64% (15) respectively.[6]

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