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I am Nazeer Kahut and I for several right reasons and basic facts consider my self the sole and only legitimate voice of Punjab.I  advocated, campaigned and struggled all my life for my beloved motherland/fatherland/homeland Punjab including Punjabi language rights and people of Punjab.Regardless of their religious beliefs and borders, I consider Punjbis are one indivisible nation.No border,no bullet,no state,no religion,no force,no ideology can divide Punjabi blood and culture.Being a true Punjabi and a staunch follower of the ideology of Punjabs great Sufi saints ,I  strongly believe in brotherhood, peace, tolerance, religious harmony, democracy, non violence , dialogue,humanity and equality in all walks of life.

I fully support the human rights, environmental rights and minorities constitutional rights. Promotion of   thousands of years old Punjabi language and Great Punjab, its people and knowledge of  its vast linguistic and cultural heritage  on national and international forums in their true perspective is my mission.

Punjabi being the 10th most spoken language in the world with estimated 160 million native speakers living in Indo-Pak subcontinent and around the globe unequivocally holds an overwhelming  global economic, linguistic, cultural, literary educational ,social and  political significance .Punjab since times immemorial is an indivisible single linguistic, cultural, geographical  and administrative unit and national identity.

I am the founder of Punjabi Language Movement-Pakistan and website Punjabics dot com,both meant  to represent and be the  expression centres  of Punjabs linguistic, cultural, civil and human rights.In addition I am the one who first time raised and introduced Punjab,Punjabi Language Rights issue over the social media platforms.I am deadly any further division of Punjab under any pretext whaosoever.I was the first Punjabi to organise and host the first Punjab National Conference meant to create awareness amongst Punjabis to resist the illegal,unconstitutional,immoral,unethical and fake new province on the soil of Punjab on the basis il of motherland Punjab. I am convinced that further division of Punjab and creation an illegitimate province on its soil shall resul in a bloody civil war, slaughtering of millions on soil of Punjab , and disintegrate Pakistan.

I am committed to offer  knowledge and educational material to Public on national,regional and global level about Punjab,Punjabi and Punjabyiet.

I am bound to strongly raise my voice in support of Punjab and Punjabi language rights and present  the truth of  Punjab.
I will do my best to bring you the true stories , news and views ,issues,events ,articles, blogs, research,activism and happenings that directly or indirectly engage or affect Punjab,its integrity,Punjabi language,culture and Punjabi nation.
A true and sincere word or a fact never spoke before in the history about Punjab and Punjabi or perhaps some thoughts and an opinion that others might not like to express can be heard in my voice loud and clear.

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